Special Event Design

At the Movies

Zach Lee from nsas brings us their set design for “At the Movies”.

To illustrate the pastor’s messages they wanted to set a true cinema experience. Zach used crushed velvet curtains bought from Fellowship Church in Grapevine. Then he used inexpensive silver organza fabric to wrap around the trussing. He lit the organza with Rain 56 LEDs.

The center screen is 17×10 and the two side ones are 12×5.5 (spandex from RoseBrand). They projected onto them with rear projecting 2500 lumen Epson projectors (~$500).

They decorated their lobby with red carpet and borrowed Oscars from the local Hollywood Wax Museum. They built their own marquees and hung them from chain. Each week they would change out the movie posters. The lobby music was everything from Jaws to Star Wars…and they served tons of popcorn, cokes and candy. Cool!

Tip: Make friends with mega churches. They love helping smaller churches out and will hook you up with used sets for cheap.

Grunge Texture Panels Floating Blocks