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Grunge Texture Panels

Andrew Ledbetter from Northstar Church in Saltillo, Mississippi brings us these cool grunge panels.

The design was a combination of 6 wood frames built out of 1×4’s at various sizes. They attached canvas that covered them, then had a tattoo artist from their church work on them. He rolled them with primer and used basic spray paint with his professional tips to work his magic. The set’s lit with traditional par cans and some LED washes.

Glistening Brightly At the Movies

5 responses to “Grunge Texture Panels”

  1. Donita Martin says:

    Cool! Love the guitar player!!!

  2. Michaela Compton says:

    Love this idea! The band is incredible too!

  3. Barbara Bennett says:

    Loved this set, love these Godly people!

  4. church member says:

    The "tattoo artist"'s name is Jason Wilson of Ironclad Tattoo Gallery in Saltillo, MS. He is an artist of many mediums. He does not only tattoo work but graphic art, custom airbrushing, and fine art. He was given the canvases and no other direction. Told to "paint them however you want". He was responsible for placement and telling them how to light the stage. Another man from the church built the frames for the canvases… Andrew did however submit the photos and a write up about it…

  5. Joe says:

    This church is pretty close to us! Good job!

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