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Star Wars Christmas

Joshua Overton from The Bridge in Princeton, NC brings us this design inspired by the Christmas Story and Star Wars.

Their creative team wanted to present Luke 2 and the Advent season in a fresh way to their student ministry, so they decided to make a play off of Star Wars and use the momentum of the new movie to generate excitement and buzz.

To create this set, they found 2 .pngs of an AT-AT and a snow speeder (popular vehicles used in Star Wars) online, created transparencies and used an overhead projector to trace them on the insulation sheets from Lowes. After they were traced, they used a hot knife to cut them out. They built a small frame for the AT-AT and hung the snow speeder from the truss using black yarn.

The Nativity Set was something they already owned, so they just re-painted them and placed them at the foot of their stage.

Items Used:
2x Chauvet Color Pallets
2x Chauvet LED Color strips
6x LED Par cans
3x Styrofoam Insulation sheets (from Lowe’s)






Geometric Stacks Layers and Towers

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