Christmas Designs

Sticky Christmas

Paul Bengtson from Medinah Baptist in Medinah, IL brings us this cool Christmas trees.

To create these Christmas trees they used lumber of different sizes—tacking them together with screws. Then they painted them with a rough finish to give them wooded texture.

Their goal for the set was to create something that would come across as traditional as well as appeal to the contemporary.

Items used….
3 Contemporary Trees…size 9ft x 17 ft
Assorted lumber 1X2, 1X3, 1X4
Brown stain…1 quart
Plastic Stars Flat…20
3 Dimensional Stars Pop up ….40
3 White tree branches painted white in 5 gal buckets
Dark blue felt with white felt trees…4ft X 25
Risers to create different levels
5 Lit 6ft christmas trees
Black felt to screen risers
Cotton for snow







Geometrees Lit Grid

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