Christmas Designs

Lit Grid

Nick Hill from Xperience Church in Defiance, Ohio brings us this cool light grid and pallet tree design.

Being portable, they need stage designs that are quick and easy to set-up, easy to store, and durable enough to take the rigors of set up and tear down for multiple weeks during a sermon series. This was their Christmas stage set design.

First they made 5′ and 6′ pallet trees. They started with several pallets and used a rubber mallet to first knock all of the boards off. Once they had the boards off they cut the center post (2×4) to our 5′ and 6′ tree size. Then they started with the first board at the bottom, which could be any size you want. After that, they started adding boards 3.5 inches less than the previous board to give them the taper of the tree. They repeated this all the way to the top of the tree. The trees are light via megabars.

The light board was comprised of net lights purchased off Amazon for $26.99.

They framed up 2 boards that were roughly 6.5 feet by 4 feet hinged in the center. They covered them with 1/4 inch piece of plywood painted black. Then they attached the net lights via staple gun and wrapped any extra around to the back of the board. The board was held up on stage by 3 of their metal stage frames that they use for stage design. They’ve had these since they launched the church, and they’re just made out of tubular steel welded together. They attached the board to the frames via velcro.

The budget for this project was really cost effective and cost them less than $100 for everything.











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