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Geometric Stacks

Wes Harris from Kingsway Christian Church in Avon, IN brings us this design.

This stage set was inspired by the the set used at Christ in Youth 2015 summer conferences ( / photo attached). They took the idea of the columns, lion backdrop, and under-riser lighting and made it fit their budget and stage.

The Backdrop

They knew they did not want a lion so they looked at different geometric patterns. They first looked at renting a backdrop. This was going to be prohibitive because of the $450/wk rental fee. It was decided to use the blank white back wall and project an image onto it and used painters tape to create the lines and pattern. It took 3 people 10hrs to tape it all off and apply paint.

The Columns

They built them out of 3/4″ PVC. You can see the measurements and parts list in the photo. (Pricing from Lowe’s is also on the the design photo). Four of them they wrapped in white fabric they had used from a previous set desgin. Two of them (hanging from the ceiling) they wrapped in natural Coroplast. They used LEDs at the bottom to uplight them.

Under-riser LEDs

Under the band risers they used LED strip lights. They used the parts list found on this post on CSDI ( They covered the front of the risers with natural Coroplast.

Total budget: $275.


image2  IMG_20150826_110114171_TOP  IMG_20150826_194809384




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  1. Where did you get the art deco design for the back ground?

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