Special Event Design

Floating Continents

Chris Blasius from Grace CMA Church in Middleburg Heights, Ohio brings us this stage design for their missions week.

They built the continents out of white Coroplast. They traced the design using a projector and cut them out using a jigsaw. The TVs were from a video wall that they disassembled and spread out around the stage.




Swirly Christmas Crowned Stage

4 responses to “Floating Continents”

  1. Anthony says:

    How big were the pieces of coroplast used for the continents? Would like to make this for a camp I am doing this summer

  2. We taped 2 8×4 ft pieces together using clear boxing tape

  3. Collin McKnight says:

    How did you hang the designs? What did your supplies cost?

    • We hung them from the catwalk using fishing line. The coraplast cost 8 dollars a sheet. We had to tape teleo sheets together to make them big enough. The cost was around $70 for everything :)

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