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Swirly Christmas

Lori T. Adams from Enjoy Church in Alton, IL brings us this fun, snowy looking swirly Christmas trees.

They started by cutting out the Christmas trees from blue insulation foam purchased from Home Depot. They hung some of them on walls and some of them were supported by legs in the back. Then they purchased snow flakes from a Dollar Tree for $1 each and put them on the walls too.

Lighting and Christmas lights did the rest.

Christmas 2013 (1)

Christmas 2013 (2)

Christmas 2013 (3)

Christmas 2013 (6)

Christmas 2013 (7)

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One response to “Swirly Christmas”

  1. Janet says:

    Really nice! I love the way they cut out the trees using rounded tips and not traditional pointed ends. Superb use of lighting and projection too.

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