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Throwback: Floating Dot Grids

Chase Hall from Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV brings us these awesome stars and grid panels. (Originally posted February 2015)

Being located in Las Vegas, Chase wanted to do a throwback to classic theatrical Vegas stylings while creating a stage design that was fun for the team to interact with. They wanted something classic, clean and bold. A red venetian drape served as a theatrical frame for the space and the image of the curtain was incorporated in the Christmas branding. Custom curved stairs and staging was built and lined with cost effective DMX controllable LED strip lights. A grand center staircase served as the focal point and the lighting rig was designed to complement.

The staging and truss was designed to reflect the recent renovations made in their 3500 seat auditorium, highlighting the width and depth of the new space. Chauvet Nexus panels provided a surface for video-driven eye candy along with several different types of lighting fixtures to extend effects and energy into the crowd. The services also featured snow falling throughout the auditorium and low lying fog cascading across the custom staging.




Safari Lit Lids

4 responses to “Throwback: Floating Dot Grids”

  1. mitch flynn says:

    How where the Dot grids made??
    How are they light up??

  2. Garrett S says:

    Those dots are Chauvet Nexus panels.

  3. james tucker says:

    Any photos/details on how you rigged the nexus panels and movers? Truss uprights? Pipe and base?

    • chase hall says:

      Hey James, I’m the designer. We used upright 20ft truss sticks on standard aluminum bases. Schedule 40 pipe was coupled between each of the 10 upright sticks for stability and as a fixture position. Robe Pointes, Nexus 4×4 panels, Mac Aura, Mac Viper, Elation PBeam Extreme.

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