Special Event Design

Fruit Stand

Tim Blacklock from Keystone Church in Saline, MI brings us this stage design you’d buy fresh mangos from on the side of the road.

They were heading into a series called Fruit of the Spirit, and in Tim’s head, he went to a fruit stand. A search of CSDI found the Farm Fruits design from Ada Bible Church and that supported the concept. Craigslist listed some apple crates that would be scattered around the stage to be used as a podium, to hide music stands, monitors and keyboards and to just folksy it up a bit. The split rail fence was salvaged from a staff member who just happened to be removing theirs the week the new design was being put up.

Tim grabbed a couple of wooden barrels, a pedal tractor, and a tractor seat stool he made for his man cave for some filler. For a little color, a couple of plaid tablecloths were added. With nine weeks to the series, each fruit would be showcased by placing a placard under the U-PICK sign, hung by cup hooks. The rest of the signs would hang from the fence rails. The signs were made of rough sawn cedar with dry-brushed tempera paint lettering. The lighting on the back curtain was a blue wash from the top and green from the floor (sky/grass) from 10 LED bars. This went with the graphic used for the slides and their paper ‘Keynotes’ bulletin.

Apple crates = (20 @$8) $160
Fence = free
Tablecloths = $3
Cedar signs = $28







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