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Flourish and Blotts

Karla Lumpkin and Lori Burchell from Christian Life Center in Herrin, IL brings us these filigree cardboard panels.

This stage design was for their series “Blessed are Those” about the Beatitudes.

Unfortunately they were short on time and budget, but their great Set Designer, Karla Lumpkin in conjunction with their production director Lori Burchell came up with a design that utilized some existing cardboard and paint they already had.

Karla’s inspiration was from Flourishing.

She first cut out the filigree design from card stock and used it as a stencil. She used brown wall paint left over from painting their community room to stamp general designs in the back and circles. Lastly, she hung them using fishing line and duct tape. They lit them with can Par64 lights.

Tina (their visual arts team leader) designed the series graphic from a picture from GracewayMedia that she thought would blend well with Karla’s design.






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2 responses to “Flourish and Blotts”

  1. james tucker says:

    Looks spiffy.

    I would be a little worried about a par shining on a piece of cardboard, though.

  2. We were worried as well but we are on our 6th week and no problems at all.

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