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Flowing Paper Stage Design

Courtney Durham from Church on the Hill in McMinnville, OR brings us this origamic stage design. (It’s my site, I can make up words if I want to.)

To create this design they started with reusable foam board. They added printed paper on top for the logo and 3d paper elements. Then they added white butcher paper cranes (origami) and twisted paper trees (from butcher paper as well). They attached it all by poking wire through the foam board.

Total cost: $30 for paper, $10 for wire. The same concept could be done using paint instead of printed paper on foam board.




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3 responses to “Flowing Paper Stage Design”

  1. Angela Hoffman says:

    Very nice work! Very light and airy!

  2. ARDY FREY says:

    Love it Love it. Thank you. I’ve been looking at all of these designs and they don’t seem to fit my little church, how ever i love this! I have been asked to be on a commity for decorating the sanctuary (Which is really a school gym). I do decorating but its usually homes. i don’t have a clue of what to do. I don’t know the budget yet. I looked on this site. yours was diffidently the best looking and most creative. Any other suggestions? Anybody?

  3. Maaria Olander says:

    I adore this design. I am decorating a theater for an “American Roots Music” concert and I think your design would be beautiful! I was wondering about the width of your butcher paper and how you got it to hold its shape. There is also a time consideration in my case. How long did it take you to make this?

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