Stage Designs

Fluffy Flows

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this great use of fabrics.

The rock walls were simple 12′ flats that they covered with vacuform rock. The rock was painted with a base coat and then treated with two additional colors to give the walls texture and depth.

The fabric started out in the house at the roof about 15′ in front of the stage and then dropped over several dead hung pieces of pipe on its way to the back of the stage. The fabric was backlit with LEDs from above and could also be lit with movers from the massive 32′ wide riser below.

The risers were laid out in three tiers and covered with the vacuform rock. This actually drew the risers in and made them a part of the set rather than an addition to it.

The truss was four 20′ sticks raked out into the audience in a fan pattern between the fabric.


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