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Cardboard Walls

Marshall Allen from River Pointe Church in Richmond, TX brings us this use of the Mio Nomad product and some cool homemade blinders.

They were looking for a material that they could reuse, redesign, and setup quickly for lower priority sets in the future that looked great on camera. The Mio Culture Nomad System is what they landed on. They also built some DIY Blinders to break up the wall a bit and give it some more excitement.


  • Mio Nomad Modules
  • 2’x2′ MDF Board Squares (Blinders)
  • 3 Light Bathroom Vanity (Blinders)
  • Soft White Flood Lights (Blinders)

The Walls

The Mio Nomad modules come with instructions on how to assemble. Here’s a link to their Vimeo page on how to make windows, corners, and doorways. Marshall recommends laying out the entire footprint on stage before building up the walls. Once you start building up, it is very difficult to add more to the wall sides. They are essentially fool proof to put up, they slide together easily. If the slots are off at all, it will give you a lot of resistance.


They cut some 4×8′ MDF board into 2×2′ squares and drilled 9 holes for the fixtures. They used 3 vanity fixtures for each blinder. They stripped them of everything except the sockets and wires, then wired them together and wired the third one to a stage pin connector so that they could have control from their light board. They put eye hooks in the backs of them so that they could hang them from the ceiling. The ones in the windows were hung off of speaker stands that have DIY 10 ft. T-Bars using plumbing pipes and connectors.


Everything was down lit from above. They sat lights on top of the wall in the center and pointed them straight down to light the grooves, give an extra depth to the wall, and give an interesting live camera shot for worship and sermon. They sit nicely on top of the wall, no need to secure them.

Tip: Don’t make the groove light the same color as the wall, it totally loses it’s depth and magic and blends into the wall.

Light Gear:

  • Stage Backlight: 4 K9 Bulldog Pars
  • Walls: 18 K9 Pup LED Pars & 4 K9 Bulldog Pars
  • Center Wall Groove Light: 8 K9 Pup LED Pars
  • Movers: 8 MAC 700s (4 above, 4 on floor)

Time Commitment: Their stage was 55 ft. wide, the walls are 8-10ft tall. With 3 volunteers the walls went up in 3 hours.


  • Walls: $3000
  • Blinders: 8 @ $50/piece – $400
  • Misc: $100

They justified the high cost of the walls because they could reuse them multiple times.

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photo #5

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Picture 3-0020

Fluffy Flows Snowflakes in Red Lights

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  1. Jeff says:

    I like to get the step on how to build those blinders. the cover in the back is really ingenious.

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