Christmas Designs

Snowflakes in Red Lights

Thomas Peraza from MCE Church in Copiague, New York brings us this red lit, snow flaked Christmas design.

They wanted to create a background that looked like red stars, so they bought 16 – 4×6 clear light nets ($9 each) to cover the back wall. Then they put red thin polyester fabric in front ($40) to give the red stars look. They bought different sizes of small snow flakes from the 99-cent store, spending no more than $5. They made the big snowflakes out of styrofoam from Home Depot (3/4 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. styrofoam, 2 package of 5 pieces [$7 each] that they glued toguether to make a big square board). They used a hot knife to cut them out. They also used a laptop and projector to mask on the styrofoam and cut them.

For the snow, they used cotton white fabric to create an accumulation look (they had it from another project), and 3 bags of fake snow from Hope Depot ($6 each). For lighting, they used 2 ECOUVBAR PLUS LED BLACK LIGHT ($150 each) to make the snow and everything else to glow and to light the pulpit. They also used 4 CHAUVET SLIMPAR38 ($70 each) to light up the big snowflakes so they were always changing color.

They had all the lighting fixtures already.







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