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Barb Brown from Faith United Methodist Church in Bellefonte, PA brings us this shoe-based stage design.

For the Lenten season, the pastor decided to use the sermon series called “FOLLOW” by Andy Stanley. The design group was asked to create something that would change each week based on the sermon topic. It was decided to use a SHOE theme to visually depict that we are trying to “follow in Jesus’ footsteps”. The look of the design was based on a CSDI design called “Fabric Slits and Icons”.

The shoe circles are 3.5 feet wide and were made out of 1” foam sheets, painted black, and trimmed with teal felt. The shoe images were hand-cut out of bright white paper and glued to the foam. Arrow panels hang from tension rods behind the shoe circles. The panels are 12 feet tall and were made out of black felt material with teal felt triangles hot glued to it. Lighting at the top of the ceiling made it look like the arrows were glowing upwards toward heaven. A spotlight was used to highlight which shoe was being discussed each week.

The project cost around $250 for the foam and felt material. The design team consisted of one volunteer that designed and constructed the set, and two volunteers that helped with installation and lighting.

The group also designed a logo for the series using a photo of sneakers and jeans. This image tied in nicely with the felt colors and shoe artwork on the walls, and was used on promotional items, website, bulletins, etc.

To kick-off the series, a church-wide, shoe-themed mission’s project was held, where in one-hour over 100 shoes were cut out of jeans for children in Uganda to help prevent foot diseases (solehope.org).






Easter City Simple Fabric

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