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Forest Silhouette

Janine Dueck from Grace Community Church in Washingtonville, NY brings us these birth tree silhouettes.

This design was for their series “Into the Wilderness”. First, they built a tri-panel stage flat using basic plywood attached to a wood base. Next, they projected a series of birch tree images they created in Photoshop and then traced them onto the plywood (this cut down on time especially… As opposed to drawing the trees freehand). They wanted to show bare birch trees, so they exaggerated the texture of the trees by over emphasizing the birch notches incorporated on the sides of the trees. Using black (flat) paint, they painted in the branchy trees and added a series of twiggy branches to help visually unify the backdrop. Finally, for the sides, they suspended willow sticks (light and medium in tone) using fishing line. This set was quite affordable… A can of paint, supplies and the willow sticks came to about $150. The natural wood background took on light well against the birch silhouettes.




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2 responses to “Forest Silhouette”

  1. Ms Sheila says:

    i love Jammin’ Janine’s craftsmanship. She is an amazing artist and encouraging Godly mom. Using your talents for Christ is truly a great legacy. I look forward to more postings!!

  2. Aaron Albright says:

    Really like this design. I’m wondering if you might be willing to share the photoshop file you used to project the birch trees?

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