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Energy Shapes

Zac Morgan from Austin Christian Fellowship | ACFstudents in Austin, TX brings us these cool shapes on their back wall.

They needed something fun and flexible on a tight budget.

Items used:
– 48 Mio Peak Foldscape Tiles
– Staple Gun/Staples
– Box Cutter
– Metal Ruler

Zac ordered the tiles, assembled them as instructed, took a box cutter and ruler and cut the edges off of each tile. Then they simply stapled them to the wall 3″ apart from each other around their projector screen in random order. Zac took some LED lights and shined them upward onto the ceiling tiles.




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2 responses to “Energy Shapes”

  1. Joi Morgan says:

    That set looks so professional! Wow! I’ll bet the students love it!

  2. Would like to know which led lights are those? what model?

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