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Isaac MacDonald from Calvary Baptist Church – West Campus in Advance, NC brings us this stage design with multiple looks.

There was a youth retreat that took place over 25 hours, so it was called “25”. And the theme this year was The Power of Influence. So, Isaac wanted to create an intimate setting that still showed influence.

So, with a budget of around $300, they went and bought eight 4x8s from Lowes ($13/piece), and kept 4 of them 4×8, and kept 4 of them that size, cut 2 to 4x4s and 2 to create 3×12 sheet. Then they cut holes in the 4x8s and cut the “25” and “Influence” out of the 4x4s and 3×12.

With the words, it was super easy to just cut out the lettering and put wax paper on the back to be able to absorb the light from the lighting behind it.

With the 4x8s, they attached them to framing that they already had laying around, and stood them up and used ProSpot 250s behind them and once the haze was going you could see the individual beams and see how the light was influenced by the wood.





Infinity Lights Energy Shapes

3 responses to “Miscellany”

  1. Becky Payne says:

    Your talent is incredible, Isaac MacDonald.

  2. Dawn Russell says:

    How did you cut out letters?

  3. Dawn Russell says:

    How did you cut out the letters?

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