Stage Designs


Todd Bellot from Faith Bible Chapel International in Arvada, CO brings us this stage design using scaffolding.

They purchased 18 sets of 5’ x 7’ x 6’ used walk-thru scaffolding at $900. Total number of ends was 36. They purchased new cross bars at $300. Total was 36. They assembled the walk thru scaffolding 3 high and 3 wide. As you can see, they have a large stage, so they needed to fill not only the sides but the height of the stage.

Todd chose used scaffolding because it had old cement on it. It was great for bouncing light onto.

He used Daisylight LED 575-Q818. He placed 4 fixtures for up lighting on the floor and mounted 4 fixtures for down lighting on the scaffolding. Per stage left and stage right. He also added 4 Daisylight ML-Q1036 moving LED for added back light. They purchased these fixtures from out of China. They are cheap and they haven’t had any problem yet.




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