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Forest Through Trees

Matt Jones from Faith E. Church in Billings, MT brings us these cool PVC tree trunks under their projection screen.

This design consisted of:
– multiple sized diameter PVC pipe (1 1/4″ to 3″ in diameter).
– One sheet of 1/2″ plywood (2’x’8)
– (4) 2″ x 4″ at 8′
– 1 gallon of White Primer (needed to be able to bond with PVC)
– a small amount of brown and black paint
– two handfuls of 2″ wood screws

For the team, it was under $200 for the whole design.

The Process:
1) cut down the pvc pipes to fit under their stage overhang
2) three coats of white primer (they used a textured roller to give them a bit of depth to the primer paint)
3) made various tree like brush marks with brown paint
4) emphasized certain brush marks with black paint to provide a little depth
5) cut the plywood in half, cut down the length as needed
6) screwed 2″ x 4″ runners under the plywood
7) created a layout and traced holes on 1/2″ plywood using the small ends they cut off the poles earlier
8) scroll sawed the holes traced on the plywood sheets
9) positioned the base and placed the pvc pipe into their respective holes
10) covered the base in olive-colored fabric
11) lit them with four Chauvet SlimPAR Tri led lights

When they cut out the holes they made them barely bigger than the pipes. This allowed them to angle certain pipes to make it look more organic. Their cross was an important element to incorporate into their stage designs… so one grouping of trees was smaller than the other to make space for this element to the left of the stage.

gu base 1

gu bse 2

gu close 1

gu close 2

gu close 3

gu close 4

gu stage 1

gu stage 2

gu stage 3

gu stage 4

Ribs and Arches Paneled Projection

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