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Fortress VBS

Laurah Sims from Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN brings us this castle VBS set.

It was made from 2″ styrofoam. They used a hot knife to carve the “rock” and then painted. They used “Great Stuff” to attach the pieces together and used some bracing on the back. They hung the top part of the ‘castle’ from the catwalk and ‘Great Stuffed’ it also.

The red banner on the sign was made from insulation styrofoam that they painted, cut out, and Great Stuffed. They glued the character posters that came with the kit to 2″ styrofoam and braced them with scraps of the foam.

Out in the lobby they hung ‘chandeliers’ made from ‘Great Stuffing’ two 2″ styrofoam 4×4 sheets together. Using a hot knife, they cut the chandelier out like a wagon wheel. Then they painted it and drilled holes for the ‘candles’. The candles were made from PVC pipe with the bottom of a Dr. Pepper bottle (that they cut and painted) placed over the top. Then they hung them with plastic chain.

Over the doors in the lobby, they hung a Duct tape ‘gate’ with knights on the columns that they purchased online.







A Couple Notes Centered Ornament

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