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A Couple Notes

Jess Klingenberger from Rock City Church in Baltimore, MD brings us this musical stage design.

Mylar Panels on Both Sides of the Platform

The 36”x21’ vertical foil panels were lined with black duct tape to create the guitar neck and frets that framed the platform. Note: The mylar material was donated and can be very expensive to purchase. Foil can be used in place of the Mylar. The panels were reinforced with 4 or 5 horizontal wood strips on the back.

Worshiping Hands

The worshiping hands running along the floor of the stage were 4’x 8’/ half inch thick foam painted black (background) and 3 colors for hands. The foam panels were free standing, taped together, and clipped to the curtain. The hand panels placed in front of the (Guitar Neck) mylar panels on the ends were cut out.

String Art on Both Sides of the Platform

The string art was inspired from the String Theory set and created on both sides of the stage. The string was strung from floor to ceiling. The framing, which had screws, spaced ½” apart (for hooking the string) covered a 14’ span (6’ and 8’). Wood 2X4’s were attached at angles and oriented opposite the floor framing. Two and a half miles of 100% polypropylene white tying twine was used to lace both sides collectively. Utilizing a 4-person system, they were able to lace one side in exactly one hour. The strings were lit with yellow and red light.

The musical notes were 3’ tall notes overlaying the top portion of the string art using ½” black foam core board. In front of the string art they hung a flexible music chart that produced the appearance of a ribbon. The chart was made using 3” strips of FRP paneling, which is very flexible. The notes were constructed from 2” solid foam board. The chart was suspended from the ceiling at different locations to produce the desired shape.


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photo 3.JPG

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