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Join Me at Foundations Conference

Join me July 22nd for an online conference that will help your church communicate better. It’s called Foundations Online Conference. It’s a collection of some of the highest caliber church communicators teaching your church how to become better at it. The event is Wednesday, July 22 from 1–5pm EDT and you can tune in to hear from people like:

  • Dawn Baldwin
  • Jason Caston
  • Blaine Hogan
  • Justin Keller
  • Jonathan Malm (hey, that’s me!)
  • Vince Marotte
  • Tim Schraeder
  • Brady Shearer
  • Dave Shrein
  • Carlos Whittaker
  • And more!

The event costs $99 as long as you register before June 1st. Seriously, this conference should be amazing. Plus, you don’t have to pay flight and hotel to attend! Register here and join me for my session: The 7 Deadly Sins of Communicating to First-Time Guests.

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