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Castly Rock

Holly Kirtley from First Baptist Concord in Knoxville, TN brings us this cool castle stage for their #kidmin.

To build this, they used foam insulation board and simple wooden frames. The castle had to break down and be easy to move because they share their space with a school. The castle broke into three sections, each mounted on wood frames.

The 3D pieces were cut and attached with heavy duty wood glue and caulk. To create the faux stone look, they brushed PVC cement onto the foam to create the stone shapes. The cement ate away at the foam. Then they sprayed 100% acetone on each block in random spots and patterns. The acetone are away at the foam even more to give it texture. They spray painted the grout lines to make them really dark. Finally, they painted it with various shades of gray and black latex paint to give it depth.

The foam board was light enough that one person could carry, assemble, and disassemble the entire castle in about 15 minutes.






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