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Downward Facing Stripes

Josh Minnick from River Church in Madison Heights, VA brings us this stage design incorporating white cardboard strips.

The design was made out of thin corrugated paper. One of their volunteers works for a packaging company, so he was able to get the corrugated paper and the laser cutting for them for dirt cheap.

They had different size panels laser cut, ranging from 2 ft up to 6ft stripes. Each stripe was 6 in wide. Before they ordered the materials, they designed it in Illustrator, making sure that everything was to scale. This way they knew how many panels to order. It was also a great way to ensure that they had symmetry.

Josh’s assistant and him were able to hang this design in an hour thanks to the laser cutting that the factory was able to do for them. They had a black wall around the stage so they used staples to attach the strips from the top and bottom. The corrugated paper was thin, so they started to give them a slight bow, which added to the design. They lit the design from below with 4 Chauvet COLORband pix-m light fixtures.

The grand total cost was around $10. They bought two 4x8ft sheets of the corrugation and staples.









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2 responses to “Downward Facing Stripes”

  1. Jake says:

    Hi Im the music leader at a small church in Maryland. Our church is kicking it oldschool right now with just plain white walls and a cross. im looking for a way to make the place a little more professional and spice things up a bit. I really like the design you guys have. did you paint your walls black or is that a fabric of some kind? thanks!

    • Josh says:

      Hey Jake,

      We painted our walls black when we built our new space. It was a lot cheaper for us to paint than use fabric. Depending on your church architecture fabric may be your only choice keep the space feeling natural.

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