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LED Strip Boxes

JC Elliott from Tulare First Baptist Church in Tulare, CA brings us these freestanding LED strip boxes.

They wanted something to update their stage. We have a big wood wall located in an older sanctuary. Looking around, JC realized their stage wasn’t set against a black wall. So they had to do something to work with a more traditional room.

The first step was to build (2) 6′ square frames and (2) 6’x3′ frames. Then they created (6) equal boxes in the larger frames and (4) equal boxes in the smaller frames. Then they covered them in a queen sheet bought at Target (Walmart’s were too thin). They painted everything flat black.

Then they lined the 2×4’s with led lighting ordered on Amazon. They don’t have any modern lighting software, so they had to start with individual LED strips (they don’t have the technology to incorporate them all together). It took 12 LED strips and power sources. They stapled them to the inside of the frame. They operate on remote control.

Then they stretched the sheet and framed the outside with 1×2’s painted black. Then they realized the lighting was too dim in their bright sanctuary, so they had to cover the back in coroplast to reflect more of the light. Total cost was about 400 dollars and it took a good 16 hours.










Downward Facing Stripes Noon

3 responses to “LED Strip Boxes”

  1. Richard says:

    Nice. Simple and sweet. They way I like it!

  2. Harald says:

    What leds are you using? 5050?

  3. Jeremy says:

    Great job! I have the same issue with our stage as the back walls are wood grained.

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