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Aidan Ashby for the Jesus Army in the UK brings us this stage design featuring the Arabic noon character.

For their conference, they were focusing on ISIS and martyrdom. The persecution of Christians in the Middle East has often been in the news. The Arabic name “Nasrani,” one who believes in Jesus of Nazareth, has been used as a derogatory name for Christians. Islamic State jihadists had spray painted homes in towns populated for generations by Christians using the Arabic letter ن, which sounds like “noon,” and is the first letter of the word “Nasrani” in Arabic.

So they wanted to feature this symbol as part of the event to bring it home to the people attending.

To create this, they drew the symbol in a CAF program, then used UV Gaff tape to mark down the perimeter. During moments of the event, the IMAG displayed the symbol on the screen, cluing people in that it was right beneath their feet the whole time.

Check out the blog post for more details about the event.








LED Strip Boxes Two-Toned String

One response to “Noon”

  1. Marshae says:

    Wow, these are really nice. I pray God is able to do something like this for our church. Nice website, I pray God continue to increase you all, I’m going to have a look through previous design, hopefully I can see something I like it and pass it to my Pastor.

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