Stage Designs

Two-Toned String

Lisa Bodkin from New Hope Church in New Hope, Minnesota brings us this design for their Easter services.

The theme was about weaving God’s story of His love and light.

To create this, they used 1,200 nails and four large balls of wool. A wooden frame was constructed first using a variety of width of lumber, varying lengths too. The wood was color washed with watery latex grey paint. Placing the nails was the most painstaking part. They nailed them in with hammer and nose pin pliers (less chance of their fingers being hammered). They did think about using a nail gun, but the nail heads were not wide enough to keep the wool on. They did not measure the distance between nails, as the piece was so big. But it was a roughly 2″ apart eyeing it rather than getting a tape measure out.

Weaving the wool was easy and quick. The project took them 3 days to complete and cost about $180.








Noon Summer Tubes

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