Stage Designs

Throwback: Four Square

Paul Smollen from La Croix United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau, MO brings us this mix of traditional textures with modern lighting. (Originally posted February 2012)

They created the back row of curtains from a roll of bulk window sheer (10′ wide). They made them 30′ long and finished one edge with white duct tape, grommets, and cord ties. They hung them and gathered them to a width of about 4 feet. Then they secured the bottom with a pipe weighted with sandbags.

They build the four screens from 1″x4″ lumber (9′ high by 6′ wide). They put a layer of brown paper over the frames. They they added a layer of burlap which had been taped off in a pattern and sprayed with black paint. They finished the screens with black painted 1/4″ luan crosses that cover the burlap seems in the middle.

They lit the curtains at the bottom with Elation TriBrick fixtures and color mixing cyc lights at the top. They had 2 rows of Elation TriPar fixtures for wash light, 6 Studio Spot 250 moving lights to project the yellow circles and the ‘cinnamon bun’ pattern on the walls. They also had 4 Technobeam fixtures, 2 Martin Mac500 for the dots and the sun patterns.

They were able to get a lot of different looks from this relatively simple stage since the burlap and paper take color so well.

Lights and Patterns Cross Alight