Stage Designs

Fractal Wall

Matt M Higgins from Next Level Church in Somersworth, NH brings us this textured stage design.

From Matt: Here at NLC, we designed a simplistic approach to creating a dynamic color wash for video teaching and worship. We used Mio Paperform Tiles along the back to achieve a seamless, dynamic geometric wall that allowed variation of colors and intensities. Having a smaller stage, this really helped create a sense of depth in person and in video teaching. Making installation easier, we adhered the tiles in the desired pattern on nine plywood sheets using a spray adhesive. Following which, we screwed the plywood sheets to the back wall and proceeded to paint the whole piece matte black.

We created a 13:3 screen above the wall using white projector paint and a simple black molding as a frame, which gave us an illusion of a taller stage as well as giving us a more concentrated area for lyrics to be displayed behind our worship team.

Hanging from the ceiling are 40 pendant lights with assorted filament bulbs. Attached to five dimmers across the back wall, these lights give vivid light shows throughout the experience and serve well as giving more ambient light throughout our experiences. Along the bottom of the back wall are several LED bar lights creating a beautiful wash of color for the stage.

We had a budget of $6,000 and came in under budget by assembling everything in-house with the help of our awesome volunteers and staff members! If you are thinking of doing a design like this, we would love to give tips and tricks for how we achieved this stage design!














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