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Painted and Brushed

Harley Allaby from Genoa Church in Westerville, OH brings us this fun stage design.

To create this, they dipped paint brushes in white paint. Then they splatted painted them and hung them from string.

They also hung canvases with some abstract splatter paint art on them. After that, they shined colorful lights on all of it.

Budget: around 400 bucks.






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2 responses to “Painted and Brushed”

  1. Stephanie says:

    How many paint brushes were used and how big is your stage?

    • Matt Page says:

      Hey Stephanie,

      We used around 350 paintbrushes that we bought on Amazon in bulk. Harley’s estimate was actually pretty high, we spent about $200 on paint brushes.

      The lumber frame was cheap, and built partially with old lumber we had. The front and rear are constructed with 2x4x12’s with the sides and two internal supports that were 2x4x4 so a total of four of these. I then used chicken wire to attach the mason string for the brushes. Make sure to use additional lumber to sandwhich down the chicken wire on top of the frame.

      I had extra paint from the building so I had harley and some of the interns dip them in white as it reflects whatever led you use. Then splatter was whatever bright paint we had laying around.

      As far the side paintings we used a cheese cloth or very thin fabric and made the frames. You want something see through it helps with lighting.

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