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Brady Irby from Harvest Baptist Church in Verdigris, OK brings us this stage design featuring images of many different classic board games.

Recently, they ran a 3-week series titled “The Games We Play”. They wanted a look that tied into board games that the average person (young and old) would be able to recognize. After looking at some of the other designs on CSDI, they decided to go with a mix-and-match approach, using different recognizable set pieces from various games to build our scene.

The domino and monopoly house were built using cardboard boxes and construction paper. They built a custom 16′ x 9′ screen using projector screen material from “Carl’s Place”, and used a short throw projector to throw the image from only 10 feet away from the wall.

The Yahtzee dice were made by wrapping square cardboard boxes with white construction paper and cutting out black dots for the numbers. They used a blue bucket that someone had lying around, and with the help of heavy duty fishing line and a rigid wire, they suspended the dice from the bucket to create the cascading look you see.

They used a 55 gallon drum barrel and cutout over 50 monkeys, which they stapled and draped from the ceiling overhead. Then they printed and attached the various game logos.

The checkered backdrop was made by simply hanging black muslin fabric and then layering it with square pieces of white construction paper.

All LED lighting used was already owned by the church, so no extra expense there.

Total cost for this project was around $250. This stage design was built by about 6 people and took approximately 15 man hours to complete.











Blinding Joy to the Pallet

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