Christmas Designs

Joy to the Pallet

Enjoy Decor Team from Enjoy Church Gippsland Campus in Morwell, Victoria, Australia brings us this beautiful Christmas design.

Almost everything was donated and it was really pretty simple for them to make. They got some cheap hula hoops and covered them in black tape, then wrapped fairy lights around them to create the circle bauble effect. With the pallets, they had cut out letting for the words PEACE HOPE JOY LOVE and they were screwed onto the pallets but not flush with it. They used long screws so the screw could go through the pallet then into the back of the letters while having a 1-2″ gap between the words and the pallet. They lit the pallets by putting an LED strip bar in each pallet to create a silhouette effect with the words. Along the backs of the levels, they put leftover tree branches covered in lights to make everything blend together. (And to hide cables of course.)











Gamed Tree Variety

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