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Giant Gold Ornaments

Brian Tetter from Frederick Christian Fellowship Church in Frederick, MD brings us this Christmas design.

They usually decorated with Christmas trees on their stage in the past. This year they wanted to do something different. Inspired by the giant ornaments in New York at Radio City, they created their own ornaments.

They bought large beachballs (3′ and 4′ diameter) and had a friend that owns a car body shop paint them gold. They added a cake pan and a sewing ring to the top, then bent some thick wire to the shape of ornament hangers.

They also had a friend that could weld, who cut and welded the JOY letters. They drilled holes and added string lights.
The painting, paint, metal and welding were all donated. They bought the balls ($12-$18) and the (8×4) cake pans ($12).

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One response to “Giant Gold Ornaments”

  1. Alexander Rodriguez says:

    How was the cake pan attached and could you hang them?

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