Christmas Designs

Fluffy Strings

Lacey and Daniel Burton from Lone Star Church in Denver, MO.

This design was simple string trees from a base of Christmas tree stands, dowel rods with a long screws at Top, and hula hoops to create the circle at the bottom.

The trees were strung top to bottom repeatedly with the hoop being secured at the base with strong tape at at least four points until the desired fullness had been reached. Supplies for each tree cost approximately $25-30 per tree. They added par lights and fake snow to add to the look.

The winter window was set on a chalkboard frame, with a movable 4-pane 1×2 frame to attach fishing line with cotton balls to achieve the look of snowfall through the window and a wreath with the church logo to complete it. Approximately another $25 in supplies.

The string panels (2×4’s, screws, black paint, and yarn costing approximately $80-100 for four panels) in the back on the wall completed the look to give more depth to this tiny country church stage.

Manger and Falling Stars Giant Gold Ornaments

One response to “Fluffy Strings”

  1. Lorrie Langfitt says:

    So proud to claim this as my church! We have a large group of talented people! Thank you for featuring Lacey and Daniel’s creation ♡

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