Christmas Designs

Manger and Falling Stars

Wes Weiss from Oasis Church in Winnipeg, Canada brings us this fun manger and LED tape design.

They wanted to go with a traditional and warm look for their Christmas season so they put it out to the church congregation to ask for used artificial trees to donate. A volunteer made up a simple three-walled stable and a manger and some boxes out of old barn board.

All the trees were on a separate dimmer pack so they had full control of them.

They used inexpensive LED strips that were run tight from top to bottom. They had controllers and dimmers on each one of those. They just used tape to cover the bottom halves to follow the tree line.

They already had the LED strips and the controllers and dimmers for them, so other than that the tree lights were a few hundred bucks.

Armadillo Fluffy Strings

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