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Glittering Towers

Chris Hogue from Fayette Family Church in Fayetteville, GA brings us this conglomerated stage design.

They were inspired by the Pinstripes and Heavier Rain designs.

They used translucent Kodak paper for the white columns and black Coroplast for the trim. Then they used mirror curtains that they bought from

The framing was built from 2×4’s attached to their back wall for structural integrity. Then they attached the Kodak paper and Coroplast with staples. The mirror curtains were very light due to the PVC material they were made out of, so they were able to hang them from the drop ceiling frame with thick fishing line.

The columns were lit by RGB LED panels and strips, and they used aluminum foil attached to the back wall in order for the light to be reflected and wash the Kodak paper.

They placed Qspot 260 LED’s on top of the four smaller columns and lit the mirror curtain sections with RGB LED panels.

The band risers had textured/clear florescent light covers attached with black duct tape lit by LED PAR 64’s.

Total cost for the project was right around $500 dollars – not including the lighting that was already available.

Time to complete the project was about 4 days with 3 people.






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2 responses to “Glittering Towers”

  1. GREG KRAUSS says:

    pardon my ignorance but is the purpose of the foil to allow for even light distribution or?


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