Stage Designs

Rect Angles

Josiah Wilson from Church Alive in Owensboro, KY brings us this great rectangle background.

Josiah was primarily inspired for this design by Floating Discs.

They first painted the walls flat black. They used 1’x4′ Coroplast panels in the design. These panels were originally 4×8 sheets of Coroplast that were cut into 1’x4′ panels. They bought these from SABIC’s Polymershapes. They cut the sheets for them at no cost and shipped them to the church.

They placed the Coroplast panels in 5 columns, with 1′ spacing between each panel vertically. Then they offset the next row. Also, to add some dimension, they added 2×2 wood strips (also painted flat black) to the wall for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th columns. Then they attached the panels to the wood strips. For the 2nd and 4th columns, they just attached the panels to the wall. They used Velcro to attach the panels.

They purchases LED lights from The “Blazer” panels were the best fit for their design based on their wider beam. They also purchased stands for the lights as well as a lighting controller (Acrobat).

Timeframe: Approximately 12-15 hours with 4-6 people working at any given time.

Blazer LED, cable, Acrobat, etc. – $783 (including shipping)
Coroplast – (4) 4×8 sheets (cut into panels) – $59 (including shipping)
Paint – free (left over from previous project).
Wood Strips – $20
Velcro – $20

Total: $877







Rooted Glittering Towers