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Glittery Swag

Steven Hall from in Norman, OK brings us this mixture of transparent fabric and glittery jewel curtains.

Twice annually they hold an awesome woman’s event at Journey. This spring’s Girlfriends event was themed to the tune of Audrey Hepburn. They wanted to create a classy environment for the women to come together and learn about God’s identity for them. They wanted to keep this set simple and elegant.

They used their previous Christmas set as their jumping off point. They made some Austrian curtains with Silver poly sheen, grip clips, and lots of pipe. The faux-austrians (as they referred to them) had awesome swoops of fabric that caught light delightfully. Since they left up the faux-austrians for about a month, they wanted to make certain that the set wasn’t stale when they used it on this event.

So to add some class and another layer of dimension, they installed some 20′ tall bead curtains. These were about $80 a piece but took light amazingly. At some point in the future, Steven plans to make a backdrop out of them.

They used a few Colorblast LEDs to light the curtains. They found using angles from the floor and ceiling helped most. Also a short test found that the beads show up much better in front of black fabric.










Dissected Panels LED Bands

4 responses to “Glittery Swag”

  1. Online recommendations to purchase these at the best prices?

  2. tracy crist says:

    where did you get the beaded curtains?

  3. We just did this for our women’s conference! Our altar wall is black so we opted out of the fabric. If I could figure out how to upload a picture, I will!! Thanks so much for the post!

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