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Josh Miller from The Heights Church in Richardson, TX brings us this awesome Christmas look.

From Josh: We have a really large stage, so it can be really difficult to create stage designs that are big enough to make an impact! My hope was to shrink the stage both from a height and width perspective. I was inspired by the huge hanging fabrics and curtains you can see in really nice theaters, so I wanted to try to recreate a version of that with Christmas light strands. To make the stage itself feel smaller, we purchased a ton of cheap Christmas trees and strategically placed them around the stage.

-The trees themselves all have standard mini Christmas lights that we can control from our lighting console.
-We were able to create a variety of different “looks” by adding colored lights from LED bars and truss warmers on the floor, and additional colored lights from overhead.

We spent about a thousand dollars on Christmas light strands, and a couple thousand on trees. We also flocked the trees which cost about $100 I think.

Process: Here’s how we hung the loops.
1. Attach one end of the light strand to the catwalk above the front of the stage.
2. Drop the free end down to the stage.
3. Drop a rope down from the back side of the stage catwalk.
4. Pull up the free end of the Christmas light strand.

We did 1 stand at a time because they easily tangled when we tried to do multiples!

Side note: The large tube that you can see through the side light drapes is a tube for a snow machine that we used for a special service. This wasn’t up all the time since it hurts the set a bit visually.

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