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Me, I Want a Hula Hoop

Barb Brown from Faith United Methodist Church in Bellefonte, PA brings us these cool hula-hoop uses.

From Barb: Our church’s Advent-Christmas theme is “The Star – A Journey to Christmas”. In order to portray stars in the sky, the CSDI “Ring Bling” design came to mind since the intersection of the circles form a star. However, using wood to form the circles was not working for us, so we went to “Plan B”… hula-hoops! The hoops are light weight, keep their shape, inexpensive, and easy to work with. We purchased 42 hoops from Dollar Tree, 26.5” size (but any size would work depending on how big you want it to be). This made two, one for each side of the sanctuary. The hoops were wired together. Then gold, silver, and purple wrapping paper (glued onto poster board) was cut and taped to the back of the hoops for each star. The overall design formed a “wreath” and is around 9 feet wide. It was a challenge finding that many hula-hoops off-season. If you can’t find all the same size, it’s very easy to cut them smaller. Also, the ones we bought were already covered in a silver foil wrap which catches the light nicely. The congregation was curious and surprised by the material used.

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One response to “Me, I Want a Hula Hoop”

  1. Rocky Starland says:

    Very creative. Seems to fit in with the architecture of the sanctuary.

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