Stage Designs

Throwback: Moves Like Stagger

Joey Riggins from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, FL brings us this very modern look with sleek lines. (Originally posted May 2013.)

To accomplish the design, he used 24 sheets of Coroplast and 5 rolls of screen door mesh. He started by measuring the width of the stage and dividing that by the number of Coroplast vertical columns he wanted – subtracting 21/2 feet for each row of mesh. That gave him the size of longest Coroplast pieces. He did the smaller pieces at 4 feet.

Joey then stacked 9 sheets of coro together and used a jig saw to rip the sheets down to size. (Note that the heat from the jig saw melted the Coroplast together a bit and the pieces had really rough edges. They also are not the straightest cuts but look flawless from the ground).

After all the parts were cut, he used a laser lever to shoot a line up the wall and began placing the pieces. The smaller peices were eye balled. He used a scrap piece of Coro cut to the correct height to space all the strips evenly as he went up the wall. The pieces were attached to 2×4’s on the back wall using a trim nailer. 2 foot pieces of screen door mesh were used in between for texture.

Lastly, he cut out some larger squares to hang on some diagonal walls that sit at the corner of their stage over the stair wells. It helped make the stage look wider. The set took 2 days start to finish and the cost was about $420.00. It was lit using 30 LED par cans.







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