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Stephanie Kyles from Anchor Bend in Rosenberg, TX brings us this

From Stephanie: We took several ideas from CSDI and combined them all.
Edison Lights


  • Fifteen 10ft pipes. Important: if you purchase the true fit- the light sockets fit right through without any sanding!
  • 40 bulbs: i found the Edison lights to be too bright so i used these instead. I did use 8 of the Edison lights and put them on a dimmer that were closest to the congregation. S14 Bulbs by Deneve, 11 Watts,…
  • For the geo trees:
  • I did also purchase a mixture of Edison lights but only used a couple of them with a plug in dimmer. I think if you purchased 20-25 watt- those would be best or if you have the capability of plugging them into your light board to dim them all but i didn’t have that option being a portable church.
  • Sockets for lights: Cable Matters 2-Pack Hanging Lamp
  • 7 cans Black matte spray paint
  • 5 Gold spray paint
  • Glue gun/glue sticks. I used like 5 glue sticks to make 40 lights. I did glue the sockets to the pvc since we had two locations we were transporting them back and forth from but you could potentially cut this step and just make the sockets taught with the pipe
  • Electrical staple gun to staple the LED stars down the back of the geo trees
  • Pallets- FREE for Edison bulb bases. This also helped because we just cut them where the supports were already created which allowed for quicker production
  • 1” auger drill bit
  • Hand sander to sand the PVC pipe for paint to stock and then to sand Down the bottom to fit within the 1” drill hole
  • 4- 10’ x 2’ black Coroplast signs with white vinyl lettering “Born” “is” “the” “king”. With grommets to attach to trusses
  • Black Zip Ties to attached signs
  • To dim the Edison bulbs we did use, I bought these.
  • White extension cords to hang the LED stars from Geotrees
  • 4- Brown extension cords to plug in the geotrees because these were less noticeable than the larger gauge extension cords i used to run the Edison lights.
  • I packet 120-150 grit sand paper for palm sander
  • 1lb box (although we didn’t need that many)
  • Grip rite 2-1/2” construction screw star bit head

Cost of Materials:

$400 signs. We had a church member who works at a sign production company and gave us a discounted price.
$189 for labor and materials ($57)to make Geotrees (we paid a craftsman to produce them)
$175 LED stars for Trees
$50 dimmers
Pallets -free
$150 8 black surge protectors,
25 ft and 50 ft black extension cords to run Edison lights, white & brown extension cords for trees
$75 for materials to build light bases and electrical staple gun with staples
$24 for lights
$20 gaff tape to tape down all cords

Instructions to make geotrees are described in CSDI linked above.
We hung the stars at different lengths because our area was a descending pathway. We did try to use a holiday light remote to turn them on and off but because they were on the same frequency, we couldn’t get them to turn off and on at the same time so we just left them on the entire service.

The Coroplast signs were light so 2 zip ties at the top and 2 at the bottom secured them. We used our stage lights to shoot on them to change the white vinyl to different colors.

For the Edison lights: we followed the instructions for the most part EXCEPT a couple of modifications that i think helped saved time tremendously-1. We bought the true fit PVC (see pics below)which is wider hole that allowed the socket to fit right through without sanding.

2. We used pallets which allowed us to already have bases pretty much put together. We just cut the pallets in half in the middle and then randomly drilled holes in the middle. We also created bases that had 5 holes, some that had one hole and most that had two holes and then we arranged as we felt it looked best. We cut the 10” pipe in 7 ft/ 6ft/ and 5 ft sections – 6 pipes of each. And then that left 3 ft, 4 ft and 5 ft sections that we also used. We spray painted the pipe. It was even sprinkling when we painted so we didn’t worry about blemishes as i thought it created more character to the poles.
We had a team of 7 people putting together the LED stars and making the poles and bases for the Edison lights and it took us 2 hours to get the first coat of paint and everything built. Then it took another 4 hours for one person to touch up paint and second coat the bases and hot glue on the sockets. The majority of the time took actually setting the stage and running the cords. We daisy chained the cords: light plugs to surge protector to extension cord to another surge protector to another extension cord, to another surge protector to finally the surge protector to power source so we could black them all out at the same time. It took us about 4 hours to set the geotrees, hang the signs and run the Edison lights and screw in all the light bulbs and position the dimmer.

Floating Vs Fanned Down

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