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Fanned Down

Clayton Caldwell from Brookstone Church in Weaverville, NC brings us these awesome shapes.

From Clayton: We had a big youth event coming up and our youth pastor wanted the event to feel unique compared to normal Sunday morning service, so we decided to rent some different lighting fixtures to enhance the worship experience.

Here’s a list of the equipment we ended up renting:

(2) 4ft trusses
(2) 6ft trusses
(2) 8ft trusses

(6) Elation Professional Platinum HFX
(6) Elation ACL 360 Bar

We also had 6 SlimPar 56’s in storage that we brought out and used them to light up the trussing. It wasn’t much but it added just a little bit more color to the set and I personally think it was worth the little extra time.

Having the 360 Bars backlighting our singers and the HFX’s shooting gobo’s up and over the singers created such an amazing atmosphere for worship that the kids absolutely loved.

The rental ended up being around $1,900 for a week-long rental. While not practical to do something like this often, it was definitely worth it for our biggest youth event of the year.

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10 responses to “Fanned Down”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    Really beatiful, and yet simple, setup. Amazing what can be done with just a few different fixtures. Nice. Question for you – where did you purchase the mounts for the movers (for the top of the truss towers)?

  2. Ryan says:

    What’s the material for the triangles?

  3. Matt says:

    How did you anchor the truss to the floor????

  4. Andrew Hopkins says:

    what are the measurements for the wood frames ?

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