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Glowing Discs

Scott Salsbery from Meadow Glade Seventh-Day Adventist in Battle Ground, WA brings us these cool LED circles.

From Scott: We made this backdrop a high school Bible camp weekend. It was inspired by Glowing in Circle.

Using a jigsaw, we cut concentric circles from both halves of a sheet of 5/8 plywood. We used an oscillating tool to start each cut so that the circles would be unbroken. We hot-glued rgb led strips to both the outside and inside of each circle – they are separate so that the outside and inside can be different colors. Then, on all but four of the circles, we stretched spandex fabric across and stapled it to the back of the circle.

For the LED Tape:

We controlled the colors and patterns using Chauvet ShowXpress software and the Xpress 512 interface.

For this project there are 4 converters for a total of 32 separate lights. The converter boxes and dmx control make for endless patterns.

The cost was about $50 in materials per circle, including the DMX decoders and power supplies, but we already had the Xpress 512 interface and software.

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One response to “Glowing Discs”

  1. Lorie Thwing says:

    I’m from a church, CenterPoint, a little north of you guys in Eatonville, WA. Anyway you still have these?

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