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Throwback: Triangle Particles

Kaleb Wilcox at Topeka Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas brings us this great use of fabric. (Originally posted February 2013)

They needed a design that was easy to put up and down and didn’t take up a lot of stage space. Using about $200 of grey and white fabric, they created these fabric banners by installing a grommet on one end and bundling the other end with a zip tie to create a rippled texture. The fabric was hung on the wall with simple 1″ wood screws set in the wall. The set was lit with 11 ADJ Mega Tri Bars along the floor, along with 8 Elation Opti Tri Pars and 2 Elation Platinum 5R movers in the ceiling. The fabric texture lit very well and looked great on camera too.

A Carpenter's Christmas Glowing Discs

9 responses to “Throwback: Triangle Particles”

  1. Robert James says:

    Great idea. Does look good. Nice Work.

  2. Greg Springer says:

    What type of fabric did you use, where did you get it, how much per yard?

    Looks great!

  3. Ellen Jervis says:

    This is the problem I am running into. That much wide fabric has to meet the NPFA 701 fire code to be flame retardant. And it has to come with a certificate saying so. Which raises the cost of the material and I can’t imagine finding that much material with that criteria for only a few hundred dollars. Unless they were offered a huge triple off the price discount from someone and if this is true I would love to know if I could possibly get the same discount. I need material like this for a concept I am designing but the cost factor is making it impossible for the non-profit church related group I am trying to help. I welcome any leads anyone can offer.

    • najla says:

      Theatrical companies have a liquid flame retardant that can be sprayed on fabric, or you can soak them in it. Do not rmember the cost as it was many years ago i was in the business

    • Kitty B says:

      I just found a company in NV that will add flame retardant to your fabric and provide certificate to meet fire code. They can work with multiple processes/chemicals depending on your states requirements. I shipped 43 yards of 100% cotton fabric to them and they’ve been very helpful so far, & very responsive. They had the best price compared to 2 other companies. See their website – I worked with Alex.

  4. Kat says:

    Would it be possible to get more detail on how they grommeted and bundled the fabric?

    • Carrie Davidson says:

      We used zip ties to bundle the fabric and bought a basic grommet set to add a grommet to one corner of the fabric.

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