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Glowing Greater Than

Daniel Straub from Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California brings us this stage design for their teen camp.

Their budget for the stage was less than $500, so they used LED par cans and bars they already had. They focused on buying the steel and LED tape for the center. The total cost of the centerpiece was about $300. It was constructed with steel, and the brackets were purchased from Lowe’s to hold the LED Tape in place. The final product was functional, simple to set up in their timeframe of less than 3 hours, and looked nice and clean.




Pallet Light Holders Stretch Shapes

2 responses to “Glowing Greater Than”

  1. Tanner Vines says:

    Did these run DMX? If so, how? Looking at using LED tape and cannot figure out the DMX part. Awesome stage!

    • Blake Liner says:

      LED tape can be ran on dmx. You have to connect the strips to a dmx decoder which you can purchase from Amazon for around $30.

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