Stage Designs

Stretch Shapes

The team at Columbia Seventh Day Adventist Church in Columbia, MA brings us this stretch fabric panels.

Made from:

  • Global Truss F33 Triangle Truss Systems
  • Custom Spandex Stretch Projection Screens from
  • LED wash lights and rear projector


  1. Truss frame was ordered to fit stage.
  2. Ordered panels from to fit inside the dimensions of the truss frame.
  3. They started by setting up the Triangle Truss frame upright on base plates.
  4. Then they attached Stretch Screens to the truss frame by sliding an opaque cable tie through the rigging tab and closing around truss tube.
  5. Up light and down light with LED wash fixtures with lighting on the screens and the truss.
  6. Add rear projection.

Camp 1

camp 3

camp 4

camp 5

camp 8

camp 9

camp 11

camp 15

camp 16

canp 2

Glowing Greater Than Summer Board Room

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