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Gold Rush

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this cool “Gold Rush” stage design.

For this set, they went with a traditional mining camp look complete with mountain, tent and all the tools necessary. The majority of the props and materials were already available at their site so the cost was very minimal.

The mountain was built out of chicken wire, 2″x4″ lumber, and fabric they had purchased for $5 a roll from a RV wholesale store. The fabric stiffened with corn starch/water spray. Then they painted it with the same hand pump sprayer used for the starching process – except this time with heavily diluted paint. The tent structure was simply a combination of pipe and drape and some 2″x4″ studs with fabric draped around to look like a crude MASH style tent. It was also distressed with some black spray paint. The stage was painted with the same spray method which worked fantastic to give a highly textured dirt look to the surface.

The barrels and metal props, generally speaking, were found in the condition as seen in the photos, however some distressing and painting was done to enhance some items. The sluice box seen center stage along with the mine and tent signs were distressed by carefully browning or fully charing the wood they were built from.

Program opening video:

Highlight video:








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2 responses to “Gold Rush”

  1. Tim says:

    Are the people sitting on the floor, or is this bleacher type seating, or what? Just confused as to the seating arrangement. The set looks awesome!

    • Tim, typical for our kids & youth events seating is on the floor which is carpeted and well padded. This area is built similar to a bleacher and continues to the left center and right, beyond what is viewable in the photos. The steps are deep enough to accommodate chairs which we do use for adult events. By not using chairs we are able to fit almost 1200 in the space and around 800-900 with chairs. If you search SpringHill on CSDI you may see a better view of the seating plan.

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